Tomarty Stationery


Come Join the Tomarty Tribe!

Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name is Leanne.

I've been creating invitations and matching stationery for weddings & events since 2006.

(I know; I don't look old enough!)

I love my job.

(I'm one of the lucky ones!)

I have the best work buddy - Dolly the Wonder Dog.

(unwanted by someone; rescued and now loved by me!)


There's More...

I like things to be matchy-matchy

(there is something so satisfying...)

I have a camo print obsession, but have never been asked to create camo print wedding stationery

(I live in hope!)

The story behind the Tomarty name is top secret

(try if you like - I won't crack!)

I love working on and trying new things

(go ahead - challenge me!)

51 Chaffes Lane, Kent, ME9 7BN

01634 611175


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